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What’s Alan Moore doing in Turkey?

At first glance, I thought : “what’s my favorite writer Alan Moore doing here sitting under a tree in Istanbul?” Excitedly I pulled out a camera … unfortunately,He’s TURKISH. I am sure he’s… Continue reading

Herodotus – father of History

This is a statue of Herodotus in Bodrum Turkey. Herodotus was a Greek historian who lived in the 5th century BC (c. 484 BC–c. 425 BC) and is regarded as the “Father of… Continue reading

Stray cats in Istanbul : above it all

If I were a cat and so many fishes waiting below, can I stay above it all? This picture taken at Istanbul’s fish market near Galata Bridge. I see LUST in the cat’s… Continue reading

Designs @ Eminonu Bazaar

EMINONU BAZAAR (next to the Egyptian spice market – Missir Casisi) – in ISTANBUL TURKEY. One of the best markets in the world to buy (mostly) Turkish and Egyptian arts and crafts from… Continue reading

My ode to Istanbul

My ode to istanbul : Istanbul or Constantinople or whatever else you may have been, You are no doubt a Asia overlander`s dream, Iskander Kebab, Hagia Sofia, Galata Bridge, Topkapi Palace, grand bazaars,… Continue reading