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3 monks at thiksay gompa

Nearly 80 percent of Leh’s 27,000 residents are Buddhist. Founded in 1430,  Thiksay Gompa is one of its grandest monasteries and situated about 18 kms away. It belongs to the Gelukpa order, a… Continue reading

the BON side of Tibetan Buddhism

Bon religion is an ancient shamanist religion with esoteric rituals, exorcisms, talismans, spells, incantations, drumming, sacrifices, a pantheon gods and evil spirits, and a cult of the dead. Originating in Tibet, it predates… Continue reading

Tibetan decorated boxes in Leh

Leh was an important stopover on trade routes along the Indus Valley between Tibet to the east, Kashmir to the west. Much of the trade between India and the Tibet region of China… Continue reading

Leh – a city in the sky

Leh, at 3,500m above sea level, is geographically one of the most isolated cities in the world, if not for growing number of tourists flying in and out in recent years. It is… Continue reading

Tibetan monks in debate

TIbetan monks can often be seen engaged in DEBATE as part of their training. This is a noisy and action-packed affair as novice monks employ stylized movements – hand claps, feet stamping, finger… Continue reading