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Iran : facing the snow menace

HAMEDAN AND THE L-O-N-G WAY TO TAKH-E-SULAIMAN, IRAN (SNOW MENACE) a story of my FIRST EXPERIENCE with snow, and it was too much snow. NOW : I stood planted in the SNOW up… Continue reading

Meeting Iranians : Bring me to your leader!

IRAN : in 2003, I was traveling the country and on the way north to the remote Takh-e-soleiman in snowed-in country and had to change transport in small towns. As I got off… Continue reading

Down with U.S.A.

Graffitis adorn the high walls of the former U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran. Mostly, damning Iran’s enemy. more > here <

Arg-e-BAM: the citadel that was never to BE

In the last 2,000 years, Arg-e-Bam has been built and destroyed at least three times over. This is the city that was never meant to BE. Bam is a city in Kerman Province… Continue reading

Persepolis: a visual tour

Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest remains of Persepolis date from around 515 BC. it was Cyrus the Great who chose the site of Persepolis, but that it was Darius the Great who… Continue reading