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Portraits of Ethiopians

learn more about Ethiopian Christian heritage.

Lalibela: a 12th century new Jerusalem

He is one of the guardians of the Lalibela churches. Lalibela is a town in northern Ethiopia, a centre for Orthodox Christianity. Lalibela was intended to be a New Jerusalem in response to… Continue reading

Semien mountains : trekking in ethiopia

Semien mountains (January 2005) : WE did a five-days trek, supported by only a guard to guide us. He had to carry¬† a Kalashinov (Russian gun) to shoot wild babboons. We cooked our… Continue reading

Ethiopia : Don’t stand so close to me

Ethiopia, Gondar: Tourists try to blend in to be part of the christian TIMKAT celebrations in Gondar, Northern Ethiopia. THe gap between the rich and the poor is becoming an unbridgeable divide. According… Continue reading

Ethiopia’s 2,000 years old Christian heritage

Because Christ is alive today and the christian movement is growing, we sometimes forget that Christianity is a very old religion – 2,000 years old. Ethiopia was mentioned in the bible., more than… Continue reading