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The color and the shape of Americas Food

The volcanic Northern ANDES mountains – the backbone of LatinAmerica – especially Colombia and Ecuador and the Amazons in the Brazil are very fertile areas suitable for farming. Corn and Potato came from… Continue reading

Guayaquail old city – Ecuador

The old district “Las Peñas” is the only part of the city where the wooden houses were not destroyed by fire and you can get an impression of the old, picturesque colonial Guayaquil.… Continue reading

Parque Bolívar, Guayaquil, Ecuador

It’s a city park, yet it is crawling with prehistoric-looking lizards, green, striped and knarled, ranging free to the delight of tourists and Ecuadorian children alike. Here’s my CLOSE UP SHOT of this… Continue reading

Spiderman getting horny

Here is Spiderman in an advertisement for CONDOMS, found somewhere in Ecuador. The spanish words read : “intelligent and strong … who else wants a woman? ”

Seashells from Los Frailes Ecuador

Praya Los Frailes is secluded, hidden within the Machallila National Park, reached from Puerto Lopez a coastal town in Ecuador more famous for hopping off to Isla Del Plata. ” The deserted, white… Continue reading