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Parque Ucumari – Pereira Colombia

Colombian coffee largely comes from the area surrounding the city of Pereira in central-western colombia. Near the town is a beautiful forest reserve called Parque Ucumari. We took a CHIVAS (colorful truck turned… Continue reading

Botero : Fat people portraits

Fernando Botero (born 1932) is probably Colombia’s most famous painter/sculptor and his work is celebrated in museums in the capital city Bogota as well as in his hometown, which is unfortunately more famous… Continue reading

A collection of crucifixes

Beautiful crucifixes reminds me that God loves each one of us because we are first of all individuals.When we visited Medellin in Colombia, there were on display more thanĀ  a thousand CROSSES and… Continue reading

cartagena door knockers

Cartagena city in Colombia used to be a very rich port city – where the silver and gold and treasures of the Americas were stolen and exported by the Spanish back to Europe… Continue reading

Baby shaped candy

car Cartagena is an old Spanish colonial city in Colombia with a grand fort and it is from here that a lot of South America’s wealth (silver and gold) were shipped away to… Continue reading