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Have a SAMURAI in Phnom Penh!

“Named after the legendary Japanese warrior, Samurai is enjoyed by Vietnamese adults who need an energy boost. This vitamin-packed energy drink is fortified with six essential B vitamins and has an exciting and… Continue reading

‘shoes’ in cambodia

In Cambodia, these are called ‘SHOES’ and for the ladies especially, it is a fashion statement.

making Cambodian Cheese

Prahok is a crushed, salted and fermented fish paste (usually of mud fish) that is used in Cambodian cuisine as a seasoning or a condiment. It originated as a way of preserving fish… Continue reading

Beheaded and skinned

The markets of Cambodia are full of freshly killed and skinned frogs whose bodies seem completely oblivious to those two facts and carry on hopping around in a pointless bid for freedom. Later,… Continue reading

Caught and Primed for extinction

Nine of Cambodia’s ten species of primates are Globally Threatened. Across the target landscapes, WCS and partner organisations are aiming to conserve loris, monkeys and gibbons which are threatened by habitat loss and… Continue reading