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The color and the shape of Americas Food

The volcanic Northern ANDES mountains – the backbone of LatinAmerica – especially Colombia and Ecuador and the Amazons in the Brazil are very fertile areas suitable for farming. Corn and Potato came from… Continue reading

Bolivia Gem: Salar de Uyuni

Unfortunately, we lost more than half our pictures of this spot which we brand – “one of the most beautiful on earth.” Here is a few that we can salvage. If you are… Continue reading

Potosi : the city built and destroyed by SILVER

Potosi is THE silver mining town in Bolivia. It is claimed to be the highest city in the world. It lies beneath the Cerro de Potosí — sometimes referred to as the Cerro… Continue reading

Ekeko- the God of Abundance

His name is Ekeko. A bit like a local Santa Claus Ekeko is in mythology and folklore of Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina, the god of abundance. This little Ekeko dolls are often… Continue reading