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To never be thirsty again!

This is Cambodia Well #7401, at a village church in Kampung Speu – donated by operation blessing living water. “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again. But whoever drinks the water… Continue reading

Is that a fat Llama?

— Watching out for FAKE MONEY in Peru. Here´s one of the last sentences I thought would be spoken to me in Peru but really, it could happen to you too. “Look it´s… Continue reading

Flying with FISHES on AeroSucre

We were stuck in the TRES FRONTERAS – an area in the AMAZON rainforest where three nations of Peru, Brazil and Colombia meet via three bordering towns of Santa Rosa, Tabatinga and Leticia… Continue reading

Manaus Brazil

a rustic village near Manaus Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon.

Buffalo survivor

I have some bad news to share. It looks like my journey has been cut short, as I stuggle to type this sentence, with a broken collar bone. I am sure that I… Continue reading