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sister island sunrise

  A vessel sailing past a sunrise cloud on its way into Singapore city, one of the world’s busiest ports. This photo shot from Sister Isle, a small island reserved for campers and… Continue reading

Phuket Island Thailand

… is Thailand’s biggest island and probably most visited spot. For pristine white sand beaches like this and nearly year-round sun. But to be avoided if you hate crowds.

Uros and their totora (reed) boats

There is no CGI here. These boats are real and they are ship-sized, made of a type of reed called totora plant. i took this photo at Isla Del Sol, one of the… Continue reading

Flying with FISHES on AeroSucre

We were stuck in the TRES FRONTERAS – an area in the AMAZON rainforest where three nations of Peru, Brazil and Colombia meet via three bordering towns of Santa Rosa, Tabatinga and Leticia… Continue reading

Sailing upriver to the heart of Amazon

long days pregnated by breathtaking sunsetsĀ  – that’s one way to describe journey on the waterways of the Amazon.