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My Blood drives your car

Environmental and human rights group in Peru have denounced the government’s campaign to auction off large swathes of the Amazon to oil and gas companies. They say the amount of Peruvian Amazon territory… Continue reading

The stern Lion City

A stern Lion guards the door at Singapore’s High Court building. DON’T KNOCK FOR NO REASON. “The Government of Singapore generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, there were significant problems… Continue reading

Where does war Live?

  …. where they are planted by toymakers and careless parents. In the hearts of boys who grow up to be fighting MEN.

Beer and women in Malaysia

An Islamic court in Malaysia has sentenced a Muslim woman to be flogged with a rattan cane for having a beer in a nightclub, a court official said in July 2009. Kartika Sari… Continue reading

Amazonian fighting for their homes

There are many indigenous tribes in Ecuadorian jungles near the Amazon Basin who are fighting to keep their ways of life, from the enroaching OIL COMPANIES who want them to move out so… Continue reading