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strange beautiful butterfly

It’s fascinating to me how this butterfly only has one colorful flap.

Green Shoot

Shot at the Chinese garden in Singapore.

Caught and Primed for extinction

Nine of Cambodia’s ten species of primates are Globally Threatened. Across the target landscapes, WCS and partner organisations are aiming to conserve loris, monkeys and gibbons which are threatened by habitat loss and… Continue reading

Daisy and her new born pups

This is Daisy – one of two guard dogs at PKH. Over the weekend, she gave birth to quadraplets. They are sucking on her tits and can barely open their eyes. Three of… Continue reading

Cats in poverty

Even some cats are undernourished and underweight in Cambodia, where nearly 40 percent live on less than USD 4/day or below the poverty line. It can’t be helped, little Kitty. Maybe in your… Continue reading