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Caught and Primed for extinction

Nine of Cambodia’s ten species of primates are Globally Threatened. Across the target landscapes, WCS and partner organisations are aiming to conserve loris, monkeys and gibbons which are threatened by habitat loss and… Continue reading

Did the Singapore Merlion come from Ancient Egypt?

Shot this in one of the Ancient temple complexes in Egypt… I think it was in Siwa Oasis, near border to Libya. Singaporeans – does this look familiar to you? BOOMZ. +++++++++ Don’t… Continue reading

Fun with waxy residuals in Hong Kong

For anyone heading to Hong Kong’s THE PEAK, remember: they are only WAX. Have fun….  we certainly did. see my >TABBLO< only if you can take a joke.

Casino Lisboa in Macao

Casino Lisboa is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau built by tycoon Stanley Ho. Since then, Macau has been known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” A much grander… Continue reading

La Recoleta Cemetry slideshow

La Recoleta Cemetry – Buenos Aires Argentina. Stretching back to Spanish colonels, a MEMORIAL for politicians, aristocrats and others who refuse to lie down and be forgotten. Today, they have tourists to keep… Continue reading