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Coca Cola Art on a cart

This is a such a beautifully designed art. And it almost went unnoticed, hidden at the side of a cart of a vendor selling cold bottled and can drinks in the heart of… Continue reading

The return of old school minstrel

MINSTREL/BUSKER – This art form was the most common means of employment for entertainers before the advent of recording and personal electronics. Prior to that, a living human being had to produce any… Continue reading

Designer Labels – The superficial and self-destructive emulation of the rich

“The middle class is fraught with doubts and insecurities. While a relationship between consumer products and social class may exist to some extent, any notion connecting consumer products to class status is of… Continue reading

Singapore : the air-con nation

Singapore can never be cool enough no matter how hard it tries.

a portrait artist

        This is no longer unique – ALL over the world in almost all cities, struggling artists are trying to make a hand-to-mouth living doing cheap portraits. They are found… Continue reading