Flying with FISHES on AeroSucre

We were stuck in the TRES FRONTERAS – an area in the AMAZON rainforest where three nations of Peru, Brazil and Colombia meet via three bordering towns of Santa Rosa, Tabatinga and Leticia respectively.  The only option is to

FLY OUT of the jungle.

To save some money and to get out on an earlier flight we took a risk by boarding illegally on a CARGO airline – AeroSucre, which has been operating since 1969 – a very small operation which flies daily between Bogota and Leticia – crossing over the drug growing regions of central and east Colombia.

It was my first time riding in the air with a pile of Amazon fishes and other fresh produce.

THis should NOT be tried unless you are desperate too. I read that in 2006, one of Aerosucre’s planes crashed. All five crew members died.