Sudan: The Road East to Ethiopia

The journey from Khartoum to the border Ethiopian town of Gallabat (Quallabat) takes two days.

The first 410 km can fairly easily be covered by a bus ride on a mostly tar-ed road all the way to a small town called Gedaref.

The next day, after sleeping in  a very run-down hotel (the only option)  it is another long-days journey, this time squeezed on the back of

open old rusty jeep,

that will have you bopping and bumping non-stop like a disco as the jeep runs over gravel, uneven and sandy trek. The view is a savannah desert  under a scorching sun.

You will be lucky if your truck do not break down under this tough conditions. Ours did.

We tried to hitch a ride on this passing truck, but it was obviously FULL, and also I think

the finger means : NO.