Egypt Post 2: Sending a parcel in Alexandria


I am back at Egyptpost with new wisdom after CAIRO

bureaucrats are inflexible and they work in DEPARTMENTS and love to keep time.

I am ready to try again to send my parcel, this time in Alexandria, armed with more patience and determination.

I cut the box down to size and made sure that my parcel weighed less than 2 kilogramme this time.

I turned up early this time. First, a visit to the second floor Customs auntie, who gave the cursory glance and issued receipts fairly quickly, impatient to go back to doing nothing. My favourite type of bureaucrats. She then sent me to 13th floor for packing but before that I must get a stamp from the 7th floor.

The 7th floor department is hilarious.

It is like a factory set-up with about 3 guys whose main job is to sit around and wait for work to come in.

Their work, from what I can tell is to FRANK mails. One bureaucrat was helpful but can’t give me the stamp I need as “the official” was now away.

“please wait a minute,” he said.

A minute soon became 20,

and it was approaching 2 pm again, the infamous “closing time” beckoned and made my heart skip a beat.

So I pushed for action and was sent instead directly to 13th floor where an official sat ready to receive my parcel and give his signature, but not before I have the 7th floor stamp.

As I guessed, he WAS going home in five minutes, he said in good english.

We have a mini-dilemma.

Where is the 7th floor official….

Luckily, the 13th floor officer was more helpful. A few calls later, he helped locate the 7th floor official (the keeper of the SEAL!) and with that, the 13th floor official could give his blessings for my box to be sealed and…

I can now go down to the 1st floor to send my package.

I am coming to the end of my ordeal, at last.

When I get down however,

the girl at the counter does not speak english and is not interested to serve me as a result. She tries directing me to somewhere else again!!!!

I was clearly MAD. I persisted and after some frantic signalling and help of an interpreter, she angrily took my parcel and I gave a loud sigh of relief.

At last I have SENT my parcel… but OOPS … will it arrive?

Post note – YES IT DID. Everything was inside. Phew.

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