PART 3: EXIT ARMENIA, but before that …

We were taken away, though not by force, by the POLICE to a security prison

at the airport after that. Eventhough the experience may have intimidated or had us in fear normally, we were calm and brave as the officials were also we sensed, nothing more than bumbling idiots.

We were of course praying all the time under our breaths and thank god, who answered our prayer for a peaceful solution by giving us a calm and collected mind throughout this harrassment. The officials were at this point possibly holding cabinet level meeting on what to do with two TOURISTS which they so much want to but cannot prove are TERRORISTS.

Imprisonment was of course no joy but was amusing. We refused to go into the jail cell and decided to sit on the floor and also refused their request that we part with our bags, we sat on them. The officials had to let us be.

We sat throughout the night in our first close encounter with a group of Armenians and again, it proves that they are STUPID. One police officer was nervously walking in and out, locking and unlocking the door. And when they got together they discussed nothing more important that hats which they passed around and admired and were figuring out how to use a NOKIA handphone. The phone lines in the security room was also archaic and required twist-finger dial.

The most modern equipment there were two computers which when I requested to use to send a email, the police had angrily replied that it was a “(confidential) police computer.”
And yet, he allowed us to stare at it all night….

The funniest moments (if we can call it that) came when we needed to go to the LOO.

The police head gets excited and start radio-ing two or three other officers back, for the sole purpose of escorting us to the toilets just two doors down. We took 3 toilet breaks just to watch this amusing drama and wish we had taken more. We didn’t however want to leave the airport unguarded for the sake of our bodily pleasures… what if the “real” terrorists decide to strike.

Do you ever watch WWE (formerly WWF) wrestling? The officers best described as “stupid WWE wrestlers come to life…”

They were a bit more intimidated by us than as we were by them.

At 3 am,

we now knew their plan. Because of their small minds and power-madness they had also woke up with us or had stayed all night on duty so that they can now parade us to the departure gate for the flight to MOSCOW.

I have decided that I was left with no choice and had to accept whatever they do, even if unjust and stupid.

So the officers lined up and every 20 metres of the airport, a different official walked beside us and pointed out the way unneccessarily. They had their moment of glory. For me, I felt something in between a celebrity and jesus christ taken out to be crucified. People looked on and wondered who are these two small Asians, walking downcast and dragging our bags but fully escorted. At least we were now getting out….

And as we board the plane, Dmitri, a young Russian man smiled and spoke English to us, assuring us that everything will be OK.

The real cost of this mis-adventure

is yet to come as we are now on our way to Russia, without a VISA and in the hands of the more shrewd RUSSIAN.

REad ON.

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