Ala Kol Lake : a tragedy at a beautiful spot

Ala Kol Lake : 3,860 m.

This is the ONLY photo we have of trekking in the beautiful mountain valleys of Altyn Arashan in Kyrgyzstan.

It was a l-o-n-g  12 hours days trek

to get a peek at this majestic lake. After we took this photo, it was evening and we had to rush back down, without a GUIDE, who abandoned us when we refused to follow his dangerous route of falling rocks while climbing up.

I also dropped my camera here

on the way down and we were lost in the woods for at least a few hours when we got down and it was pitch dark.

It was a miracle and truly divine intervention how we got back to our camp that night, after we ran into Kyrgyz cowboys who shepperded us home in the dark.


I found this Picasa album by KARL. His photos are representative of what we saw as well before the tragedy.