Leh – a city in the sky

Leh, at 3,500m above sea level, is geographically one of

the most isolated cities in the world,

if not for growing number of tourists flying in and out in recent years.

It is sandwiched in between the Himalaya range and the Karakoram range – where the world’s highest mountains are.

Politically, India claim Leh to be the capital of its Ladakh region and today, it is a town with a heavy Indian military presence as it’s also  near to the Chinese border.

But 80 percent of Leh’s residents are Buddhist and ethnically Tibetan.

Two roads go in and out of Leh – both 430-470 km each – connects to Kashmir and Manali and takes two days to traverse, and is only seasonally open (for less than six months in a year.)

They are some of the most beautiful and challenging roads to travel on. The laborers who build and maintain these roads boast to be

The Mountain Tamers.

The photo above gives an aerial view of Leh, as seen from the Leh Palace – a nine story 17th century construction which dominates the town.